Christmas – the actual meaning – part 3

Adam and Eve expelled from the Garden of Eden because they sinned against God.

Earlier, I mentioned that God placed one restriction on Adam and Eve, not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and if they did, they would die.

Satan, came to Eve in the form of a serpent and convinced  her that she would be like God if she ate from the tree.   That idea appealed to her, so she took the fruit from the tree and ate it and gave some to Adam as well.

God spoke to them after this event and expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.  This event market the entrance of sin into the world.   Sin brought death and a curse on God’s creation.

It is sin that separates God, who is holy, from man, who is sinful.

But it wasn’t all bad news.   God promised that someone would come to save men and women from their sins.   In the Old Testament, written before the birth of Christ, God promised the arrival of Christ.

This is why Christians celebrate Christmas, it was a fulfillment of  God’s promise to save people from their sins and close the chasm between God and men caused by sin.  The birth of Jesus, was part of God’s plan to bring salvation to sinners.

I’ll explain more about this at a future time when I write about Easter.

Merry Christmas!  圣诞节快乐!

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    Merry Christmas Dave!

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