Christmas – the actual meaning – part 1

A nativity scene depicting the birth of Jesus Christ.

Of all the holidays that I personally celebrate, Christmas is my favorite.  So I will explain this holiday in several parts.

Christmas is celebrated on December 25 of every year.    My understanding is that many Chinese may not appreciate the religious significance of this day, so I hope to clarify that with this blog.

Christmas literally means “Christ’s mass”.  This is a religious holiday for Christians around the world.   However, the day that Christmas is celebrated isn’t the same for all Christians because the exact date of the birth of Jesus Christ is not mentioned in the Bible, even though the account of Christ’s birth is given in two of the Gospels: Matthew and Luke.

If you click on the links, you can read what the Bible says in Chinese about the birth of Christ.

For Protestant and Roman Catholic Christian’s Christmas is celebrated on December 25.  We refer to December 24 as “Christmas Eve”.

For Orthodox Christians, Christmas is celebrated on January 7.

I’ll explain more about Christmas in my next blog.

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