His goose is cooked

"His goose was cooked" means that a chance at success was ruined.

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When  we use the slang “his goose is cooked” it is similar to “in hot water”, in fact this phrase came to mind when I wrote the “in hot water blog”.

When we says “his goose is cooked” it means that someone’s future chances are ruined, that their plans have been upset.   It also indicates that all no possibility of success exists.  All hope is gone.

The origin of “his goose is cooked” is believed to be traced back to a city that was under siege in ancient times.  As part of the psychological warfare, someone in the city hung a goose over the wall to indicate they had plenty of food.

The attackers responded by burning down the city.  The goose was “cooked”!

Examples:  “He tried to cheat on the test, but the teacher caught him.  His goose was cooked!”

His goose was cooked when his father discovered that he wrecked the car.”

If you want to say “his goose was cooked” in Chinese, how would you express it?   Remember, you can practice this phrase in the comment section!

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  1. enterblue says:

    “人为刀俎,我为鱼肉” and “案板上的鱼,(任人宰割)” , they’re the same.
    “案板上的鱼,(任人宰割)” is more common.
    they all mean “fish on a chopping block”
    if a fish is on a chopping block, the fish must be in big troubles. It’s going to be chopped soon.
    we use the idiom to decrible a person who is in a big trouble.he will be punished by some one, but he has on idea to prevent it.

  2. enterblue says:

    “煮熟的鸭子跑了” or “煮熟的鸭子飞了”
    the cooked duck has gone. means someone was nearly successful , but failed in the last few seconds. You think you’ve aready got it , but it disappears under your eyes.
    the alive duck maybe escape from the cage, out of your control, but if the duck is cooked, generally, it means the meal is ready, the duck is on your plate, it can’t go anywhere, you’re going to have a good dinner. but finally the duck escapes from you plate before you eat it ,it disappears under you eyes, something impossible happened. you thought you’d got it, but you lost it

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