Lake Tahoe, what to do in the summer, part 2

tahoe queen at emerald bay

I remember a scene like this when I watched the Tahoe Queen from above. Why don't you make this trip too?

In part 1, of “Lake Tahoe, what to do in the summer”, the places and activities that I mentioned took place along the north shore.   Now it is time to take a scenic drive to South Lake Tahoe, which is about 1 hour to the south.

Most of the action along the south shore can be found at South Lake Tahoe, which is on the California side and Stateline, the town found just on the other side of the Nevada line.

In my opinion, one of best things you can do at the south shore, at least if you are a first time visitor, is to take a scenic tour of the Tahoe on one of the two paddle boats, the Tahoe Queen, or the M.S. Dixie II.

Either of these paddle boats can take 400 passengers on a two hour cruise from South Lake Tahoe to the idillic Emerald Lake  and back.  There are activities for the kids, and a narration of how the lake was formed and its Tahoe’s history.   Dinner and sunset cruises are also available.  Check the Zephyr Cove website for details.

It was fun to first go on one of these cruises through Emerald Bay, then take a drive east of South Lake Tahoe to a vantage point above Emerald Bay and watch the same cruise boats ferry in passengers.    The scenery is simply spectacular and unforgettable.

Other popular activities are water and jet skiing and parasailing.    From town, you can take a gondola ride up the mountain to get a perspective of the lake from the Heavenly Resort, which is even more popular in winter with the skiers.

There’s also all sorts of shops to buy gifts, t-shirts and post cards.   I’m wearing a Lake Tahoe t-shirt as I write this blog!

Or you can take in a show at one of the casinos such as Harvey’s or the Horizon Casino Resort on the Nevada side.  These casinos also offer some nice buffets.  I suppose

harrah harveys lake tahoe

Harrah Harvey's Casino and Resort in State Line, Nevada with Lake Tahoe in the background.

they like people to be well fed before they gamble away their money!

So, we haven’t even got to winter activities yet, but now I’m certain you can see why Lake Tahoe is one of  California’s Top Ten Attractions!


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